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In het kort over mij

Hannah de Maagt


Enjoying the journey without being too busy with the final destination, that’s what I try to do.
I am a free spirit and I like to figure out how to live as my true self instead of doing things that “I should do” when they don’t feel right.

I am very conscious about my inner journey. I want to face my fears, remove the blockages that are in the way of expressing myself as my true and authentic self.

Jumping and diving into the unknown is scary. But this is what makes you feel alive and what makes you grow. There will always be a beautiful surprise at the end of the black hole.
I want to walk this earth as a glowing lightbulb and I want to share that energy with others. 🙂

It’s a process. It’s a journey and not always an easy one, but an extremely awesome and beautiful one.

Hannah de Maagt

Books for inspiration

These books have supported me on my spiritual journey

My favourite mantra
Ganesha clears the obstacles and shows the path for us to move forward in life <3